Cat Hiep - Vietnam

Cat Hiep - Vietnam

The Cat Hiep plant is the first solar project carried and financed by a European player on Vietnamese territory, and the very first solar farm inaugurated in the Binh Dinh region. This large-scale project covers 60 hectares, consists of 150,000 panels and meets the electricity needs of 37,000 households.The Cat Hiep solar farm was built in partnership with Truong Thanh Viet Nam Group (TTVN), a Vietnamese renewable energy player, financed by a non-recourse debt by a Vietnamese commercial bank and commissioned within the time limits imposed by the State.The farm won the silver medal at the 2019 Asian Power Awards, which is awarded to project developers who have made inroads into the Asian energy sector, while contributing to good business practices in the sector.


Under operation

Connection to the grid



Ground PV




49,5 MW