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Agrivoltaism: Qair Group presents Solélab to French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne at the Paris International Agricultural Show

Invited by Sébastien Windsor, President of the French Chambers of Agriculture (APCA) and of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Normandy, Jérôme Billerey, Managing Director of Qair Group in France, and Philippe Rollet, Head of Agri Energies in France, presented to the French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, and the French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Marc Fesneau, the experimental project Solélab, an agrivoltaic laboratory in Normandy.

The Solélab project consists of the implementation of multi-technology experimental devices with a total power of 998 kWp aiming at a maximum synergy between solar energy production and agricultural economic activities.

Elevated photovoltaic shadehouses will support the mixed crop-dairy farming system, the most widespread agricultural system in Normandy, on the farm operated by Guillaume Larchevêque, also present at the meeting.

This exemplary agrivoltaic laboratory project will be the subject of rigorous scientific monitoring for several years with our partners: the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Normandy, IDELE and Seenovia.

Agrivolatism, if well thought out and consistently developed, allows to:

  • Help agriculture adapt to climate change
  • Reduce water and heat stress
  • Protect against meteorological hazards and predation
  • Maintain the agronomic potential of crops and grasslands
  • Improve animal comfort and welfare

The economic redistribution of electricity sales is also a strong lever to ensure the continuity and sustainability of farms.

Qair group’s aim is to ensure that all of its agri-solar projects are sustainable.

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