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Renewable hydrogen and green molecules

Green Hydrogen is key to decarbonizing industry and heavy mobility. Qair is actively preparing for a future with renewable hydrogen by establishing mid- and large-scale production facilities in countries carefully selected for their high potential.

Illustration of Aurora, Qair's Icelandic renewable energy project in At Grundartangi

Supplying renewable hydrogen to Europe

Today, the main obstacle to the growth of renewable hydrogen is price competitiveness. At Qair, we are working to bring down costs so that renewable hydrogen and derivative molecules can become a key vector of the energy transition.

Our ambition is to produce renewable hydrogen and green molecules for both export and the local markets where we operate, with the aim of developing offers for heavy mobility and industry.

We are currently building our first mid-scale (20 MW) electrolyser in France and developing large-scale projects in Iceland and Brazil.

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