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Onshore renewable

Since its origins, Qair has been a pioneer in three core components of onshore renewables: hydroelectricity, solar energy and wind energy. All three remain central to our strategy to deliver green electrons to our customers.

Qair's Holsvirkjun Hydroelectric power plant


Qair’s teams have experience designing, installing and operating a wide range of projects, from run-of-the-river power plants to penstocks of various sizes.

Today, hydroelectricity remains a key part of our diversification strategy. As well as developing greenfield projects, we support customers with repowering or retrofitting existing plants to optimize production and availability. Wherever we work, we use the same tried-and-tested approach, involving local partners from an early stage and designing the plants to minimize their impact on the local ecosystem.

Qair currently operates three major hydroelectric sites in Iceland generating a total of 15 MW, with the ambition of attaining a total installed capacity of 100 MW in Europe. Hydroelectricity remains important for the continued growth of renewable energy and to ensure a varied and complementary energy mix.

Illustration for the Onshore Renewable activity of Qair Group

Onshore solar

Qair designs, installs and manages a diverse range of solar power plants using PV panels installed on the ground, on roofs and on shelters. Today, we own and operate over 300 MW of solar assets.

In Europe, we are actively involved in the growing market of agrivoltaics, which combines agricultural production and PV electricity generation on the same site. Through our turnkey offer, we cover all development costs, provide a long-term rent and support farmers at every stage. Our teams work with local agricultural experts to customize the design, operate the site, and dismantle the installation at its end of life. As well as generating local green energy, the PV panels provide shelter for livestock, reduce irrigation needs, and improve the yield of crops.

Across all our solar power plants, our aim is to contribute to the responsible development of local energy production. We involve local stakeholders in all our projects, enabling communities to share the benefits.

Picture of Qair's onshore wind farm in Merzig, Germany

Onshore wind

Qair has been an onshore wind pioneer in most of the regions where it operates. Today, we own and operate small, mid- and large-scale wind farms totalling an installed capacity of 800 MW.

Our team has expertise across the entire value chain, from early-stage development to construction, operation and maintenance of the assets.

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