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As a young and innovative energy company, Qair provides dynamic career opportunities for people looking to make a difference in their work.

We believe every team member plays an important role in our mission to shape the future of sustainable energy. That’s why we listen to our people and give them responsibility early on. We encourage teamwork and innovation, and we go out of our way to ensure everyone’s contributions count.

At Qair, every team member has the opportunity to advance their career and make a real impact on the wider world.

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Located in multiple regions around the world, our offices embody the pioneering spirit that defines our company. Everything is designed to maximize the wellbeing of our people. We foster a work environment where ideas thrive, and individuals come together to drive positive change.

Our team is made up of diverse members united by their passion for creating a greener, more sustainable future. Joining Qair means not only being part of a global leader in renewable energy but also becoming a valued member of a community dedicated to making change happen.

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At Qair, I feel valued and heard. For my first job, I found caring and dynamic individuals who share the same values, advocating for renewable energies.


Engineer for Performance

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Thanks to Qair, I am participating in energy transition in Poland, working in solar energy industry, traveling around Poland for construction sites, trainings, and conferences. It's also a chance for me to improve skills in other fields like project managements, finances, energy trading, operation and maintenance.

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Project Engineer

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