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Illustration for the Marine Renewable activity of Qair Group

Marine Renewable

At Qair, we believe offshore wind will become increasingly important to address acceptance issues around onshore wind. Furthermore, offshore wind benefits from more regular and higher-speed winds, enabling it to provide a massive amount of electrons for direct consumption or for renewable hydrogen projects.

Today, we are expanding our involvement in both offshore wind and offshore solar through flagship projects across Europe. Working with trusted partners, we plan to continue developing offshore energy in the countries where we are present.

Floating Offshore Wind

Floating offshore wind farms offer a unique advantage by tapping into wind resources in deeper waters, where traditional fixed-bottom structures are not feasible.

Qair has been a pioneer in this breakthrough technology, combining in-house innovation with local partnerships to become a key player in the sector. We believe in the potential of floating offshore to produce clean energy and expanding the landscape of sustainable power generation.

Qair is currently involved in constructing France’s largest floating offshore wind farm, Eolmed. For more details about the Eolmed project visit the dedicated website.

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Illustration of Qair's Thistle Wind Partners 2 GW offshore projects

Fixed Offshore Wind

Fixed offshore wind consists of securing turbines to the seabed, offering a stable and reliable source of clean energy.

One notable example is Qair’s partnership with the Thistle Wind Partners (TWP) consortium, which recently secured a substantial 2 GW offshore wind project in Scotland. Within this initiative, 1 GW is specifically allocated to fixed bottom structures. For more details about the TWP project, visit the dedicated website.

Discover Thistle Wind Partners (TWP)

Marine Offshore Solar

As part of its commitment to diversify the energy mix, Qair develops solar energy in offshore locations where traditional PV installations are not feasible.

We are set to construct a floating solar plant on the lagoon of Providence in the Seychelles. Following the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in 2023, this initiative will be another showcase for the versatility of offshore solar and its importance in expanding perspectives for clean energy.

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