Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen

Qair is comitted on a major project which, from 2024, will enable us to produce, store, transport and market green hydrogen! Our objectives are ambitious, and are based on a number of key elements:


  • Produce green regional hydrogen on a massive industrial scale at the lowest possible cost.
  • Develop an offer of services adapted to meet the needs of heavy mobility (trucks – boats – trains) the tertiary sector and industry.
  • Develop a project in consultation with elected officials, local populations and local industrial players to ensure optimum success.  Hyd’Occ is a vector that contributes to local economic dynamism by promoting a totally virtuous energy loop: renewable energy / electricity and green hydrogen
  • Promoting the strategic regional choice of Port la Nouvelle, a real hub, rests on four assets : the quality of its maritime infrastructures, the industrial skills, the promising modes of local storage and finally the proximity of the rail and motorway networks

The essentials & major reference elements 

Hyd’Occ, a high-capacity green hydrogen production unit (1 to 15 t/d)  in Port la Nouvelle (Aude) is planned as part of a joint venture with AREC (Regional Energy and Climate Agency) Occitania. This “Littoral +” programme is one of the winners of the national call for projects “Territoire d’Innovation et de Grande Ambition” (TIGA). Producer but also distributor of green hydrogen, Qair offers a complete range of services associated with the use of hydrogen. We wishe to industrialize hydrogen production in order to rapidly reduce production costs and achieve real economic competitiveness, and we thus aim for a 20% market share in Occitania by 2050 (REPOS Program).

Objective for Qair

Industrialize the processes, to participate in the massive and profitable deployment of this clean energy carrier.

Qair Premier Elément, a subsidiary of the Qair Group, is responsible for the green hydrogen activity.