Qair is an Independent Power Producer (IPP), operating and constructing 1 GW of power generation assets from renewable sources. The group is also developing 30 GW of assets for future deployments in the heart of the 25 territories in which it operates.

For more than 30 years, the company has relied on the historical know-how of its experts and the vision of its principal shareholder, Jean-Marc Bouchet, and develops, finances, builds, and operates solar, onshore and offshore wind, hydroelectric, tidal energy, waste-to-energy and green hydrogen production and storage projects.

Thanks to its worldwide network in Africa, Brasil and Europe, Qair continues its global, reasoned and “multi-local” development. This flexible approach enables it to aim for the commissioning of 3 GW of assets in 2025.

Message from the Founder

Message from the Founder

Jean-Marc Bouchet​


The name Qair is common to all our onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydro, waste-to-energy and green hydrogen activities, and expresses the unity of our group across the 20 countries in which we develop projects.

Qair proudly recalls our roots (“Qa“), unites our international presence (“i“), and affirms our commitment to renewable energy (“r”). It thus better reflects the reality of what we have been since the group’s creation more than 30 years ago. Finally, this name reflects the great times we are living in, full of promises and challenges to ensure that our growth is sustainable, our progress sustainable and that our development is not to the detriment of future generations. Since its inception, the group has taken the measure of the environmental challenges and has been fully committed to actively participating in the ecological transition underway and to accelerating, in line with it, the environmental revolution that I sincerely hope for.

« It is our duty towards future generations to hold our course as a committed player in the environmental revolution !  »

Message from the Founder

Our core strengths



Always Fair Business

Preserve and promote the entrepreneurial spirit.
Priority to consultation and equity with local actors. Transparency, sharing and transfer of skills, attentive to local relations.​



For and to the rhythm of the planet

Consideration and benevolence for life and the inhabitants of the planet.
Open-mindedness to local cultures and specificities.



Sustained maintenance of trust

To share and learn from the experiences, skills and quality of human networks.​
To share talents and innovation in an equitable manner.

Consolidated key figures

0 GW

In operation and under construction at end of Q2 2023

0 GW

Target for 2025

0 GW

Development Pipeline




We have been committed for 30 years to the energy transition in the territories

  • 1988

    Realization of the 1rst green power plant

    Jean-Marc Bouchet builds his first hydroelectric power station

  • JMB

    1998 - 2005

    Deployment of the local strategy

    Creation of Energies du Midi (1998) and JMB Energie (2005)

  • Lucia Holding


    Set up of Lucia Holding

    Creation of Lucia Holding

  • Ancien Energies Libres


    Strengthening the territorial network

    Creation of the Quadran Group, resulting from the merger-absorption of Aérowatt by JMB Energie

  • Energies libres
    Quadran Energies Marines


    Diversification of activities

    Creation of Energies Libres

    Creation of Quadran Energies Marines

  • Quadran International
    Lucia Innovation


    Openness to international horizons

    Sale of French onshore assets to Direct Energie (Total)

    Creation of Quadran International and Lucia Innovation

  • Primeo Energie
    Premier Element
    Lucia France


    Continuation of the diversification and structuring of the group

    Energies Libres becomes Primeo Energie France alongside EBM Energie

    Creation of Premier Element

    Creation of a subsidiary in France

  • Qair


    Reinforcement the uniqueness of the image and consistency of the group

    New name Qair, to unite the Group's different activities and territories