Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy

The company won the ADEME’s Call for Projects “Floating Wind Pilot Farms” for its EolMed floating wind farm located in the Mediterranean and is positioned as a major player in floating offshore wind energy.

The essential on our offshore wind activity

The group is the operator of the first French offshore wind turbine off the coast near Croisic. It is composed of a 2MW turbine from the Floatgen floating program. A new ambitious project will be born off the coast of Port la Nouvelle. Floating wind turbines will be installed off the coast of Gruissan by 2022, foreshadowing the next 250 MW commercial farms planned in the Mediterranean under the EPP. This project is at the heart of the maritime development strategy of the Occitania Region, and demonstrates Qair’s ambition to become a major player in floating wind energy in the Mediterranean. In the framework of its offshore projects, Qair collaborates with a network of local, national and international companies with expertise in offshore technologies, a grouping of skills that is particularly innovative. The group’s long-term ambition is to develop new opportunities for fixed or floating offshore wind farms in other countries.

Qair Marine, a subsidiary of the Qair Group, is responsible for the offshore wind energy activity.