Solar energy

Solar energy

The production of solar energy is one of the major axes for the development of renewable electric energy. Qair, with its experience in the development of different types of solar power plants, has accelerated its strategy of setting up large-scale production units, offering competitive production costs. Well-designed solar power plants are assets for the economic and agricultural development of the regions. They can be a source of biodiversity when they create protected spaces of significant size. These assets are paramount for us when it comes to make technical and development choices.

Key elements on our solar activity

Today Qair has in operation: 303 MW in total, spread over several territories. Qair has developed and operates several power plants in Mauritius – Anahita and Queen Victoria farms, with a total capacity of 25.3 MW. In Brazil, the Group operates the Aquiraz, Cascavel and Serra do Mato solar plants with a total capacity of 130.8 MW.  In the north of Europe, Qair operates 7 solar power plants with a total capacity of 125 MW in Poland and 2 solar plants with a 18.6-MW total capacity in Germany. Finally, in Morocco, Qair operates 3 self-consumption solar power plants installed on the industrial sites of major international groups based in the country.

All of these plants are managed by local teams of Qair. More than ever, our strategy is part of a dynamic of concerted development with local players, to participate in the development of more responsible local energy independence.

Objective for Qair

To develop large-scale projects based on its experience.