1 billion people do not have access to electricity yet. Meanwhile, the world is producing more and more waste, a significant part of which is not recyclable (2 billion tons of household waste per year). Qair offers an ecological solution to transform this waste into green energy for all: Waste-to-Energy.

Why is Waste-to-Energy  ecological?


  • Reduces the volume of waste by up to 100%: 70% through combustion of waste transformed into energy + up to 30% through full recycling of combustion residues (bottom ash) and flue gas filtration residues (fly ash) into products reused in the circular economy.
  • Respects the environment (zero liquid waste fully recycled in the process, ultrafiltration of gases before discharge, full recycling of residual solid waste)
  • Promotes sorting / recycling (only locally non-recyclable waste is accepted)
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions (majority of carbon neutral CO2 released, no methane emissions, carbon avoided by substitution of fossil fuel)
  • Limits bacteriological risks and viral epidemics (destroys all bacteria and viruses by combustion at over 850°C)
  • Produces locally mostly renewable, reliable energy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the lowest CO2 emission of combustion energies

Qair, with its partner HZI (Hitachi Zosen Inova, Europe’s leading manufacturer of eco-combustion units), offers turnkey solutions for the design, construction, operation and financing of eco-combustion units. Qair is backed by Swiss technology, with more than 900 references worldwide, and solid financing capabilities at the service of its customers.

Qair Environment, a Qair Group entity, is responsible for the Waste-to-Energy activity.