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Photo of the signature of seychelles' first floating solar ppa

Indian Ocean: Qair signs first Seychellois floating solar Power Purchase Agreement onboard renewable energy and hydrogen powered vessel Energy Observer

Qair will develop, build and operate a 5.8 MWp floating solar plant
The construction is scheduled to start in Q4 2023

Eden Island, Republic of Seychelles – April 4, 2023 – Independent renewable power producer Qair and PUC, the Republic of Seychelles’ Public Utilities Corporation, have signed yesterday the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the history of the Seychelles. This historic signing took place on Energy Observer, the first zero-emission vessel to be self-sufficient in energy, serving as a laboratory for ecological transition and advocating for renewable energy.

This signing concludes the negotiations that began in November 2019 when Qair won the tender for the development of a floating PV project in the Republic of Seychelles.

Mr. Joel Valmont, Chief Executive Officer at PUC and Mr. Olivier Gaering, Indian Ocean Director at Qair © Qair

Under the PPA, Qair will develop, build and operate on the lagoon of Providence a 5.8 MWp floating solar plant to supply renewable energy to the Seychelles grid. The construction is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The project will not only contribute to the country’s energy security but will also create job opportunities and boost economic growth.

Mr. Flavien Joubert, Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Energy of Seychelles and Mr. Olivier Gaering, Indian Ocean Director at Qair © Qair

The signing of the PPA on Energy Observer, a vessel that showcases the potential of renewable energy, underscores Seychelles’ commitment to sustainability and its leadership in the fight against climate change. The floating solar plant to be developed by Qair is a key part of Seychelles’ energy transition and a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Seychelles government and contribute to the Republic’s transition to a low-carbon economy, says Olivier Gaering Indian Ocean Region Director at Qair. The floating solar plant is a game-changer for Seychelles, providing a reliable source of renewable energy and contributing to the country’s sustainable development. We are especially proud to sign the first Seychellois PPA for a floating solar plant on Energy Observer, our partner zero-emission vessel.”

Energy Observer, exploring and developing solutions that prove that another future for energy is possible

Energy Observer is the name of the first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vessel to be self-sufficient in energy, advocating and serving as a laboratory for ecological transition. Embarked on an odyssey around the world, the boat and her crew of engineers, researchers and scientists test the latest, cutting-edge technologies in terms of hydrogen, batteries, solar and wind power and hydroelectricity production in the most demanding and at times hostile environment known to man: the ocean.

As France’s first ambassador for the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, Energy Observer’s mission is to raise awareness amongst the widest possible audience about the challenges of ecological transition.

Qair is an official partner of Energy Observer since 2022.

After Seychelles, Energy Observer will continue the 6th year of its round-the-world Odyssey to discover the energy challenges of the African continent.

About Qair

Qair is an independent renewable energy company developing, financing, building, and operating solar, onshore and offshore wind, hydroelectric, tidal energy, energy from waste, renewable hydrogen production and storage projects.

With more than 1 GW of capacity in operation, the group’s 600 employees are developing a portfolio pipeline of 30 GW in 20 countries across Europe, Latin America and Africa. Our ambition is to become an independent leader in responsible energy.

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