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Poland: Qair commissions 17.5 MW Wind Park in Wądroże Wielkie

Qair Polska received concession for the generation of electricity  

The project consists of seven 2.5 MW wind turbines 

Energy from the project could meet the energy demand of approx. 30,000 households 

Renewable energy produced in Wądroże Wielkie will prevent nearly 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year 


Wrocław, April 19, 2023 – Qair announces the commissioning of a 17.5 MW Wind Park located in the Wądroże Wielkie commune. The estimated level of energy production from the installation is 60 GWh per year, which gives the possibility to supply energy to a town with approx. 90,000 residents. Despite the so-called 10Hi Act being in force during construction, the project was favoured by the Commune authorities and accepted by the residents.  

Qair’s eighth Wind Park in Poland, the Wądroże Wielkie power plant consists of seven wind turbines, with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. Renewable energy from the new plant could power approx. 30,000 households. Annual energy production of 60 GWh will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approx. 50,000 tonnes per year compared to emissions from conventional energy sources.

The Head of the Wądroże Wielkie Commune, Elżbieta Jedlecka, views the presence of RES projects through the prism of new development opportunities, both in terms of increasing budget revenues and attracting new investors.
From the point of view of the Head of the Commune, the financial benefits in the form of tax and other fees are of key importance as they will increase the commune’s own income and thus allow for the implementation of many needed investments. The wind project also means the creation of jobs during construction and permanent employment during the operation. It is also a clear signal for potential investors that it is worth investing in our Commune.We are proud that our local government supports the development of renewable energy in our country.says Elżbieta Jedlecka.
In the case of the Wądroże Wielkie Commune, the receptiveness of the entire community resulted in project development plans and the opening of a new Qair operating centre.
The launch of the Wind Park in Wądroże Wielkie is another step towards the development of the production and sale of renewable energy based on a mix of an auction system and cPPA agreements. We are happy about the openness to cooperation of the authorities and residents of the communes where our power plants are located. I would like to emphasise the responsiveness of Ms Elżbieta Jedlecka, Head of the Wądroże Wielkie Commune, in favour of projects related to renewable energy, who noticed a number of tangible benefits resulting from the implementation of RES projects for the local community many years ago. Such a foresight shows that smaller communes can also support Poland’s energy transformationsays Krzysztof Wojtysiak, CEO of Qair Polska.

Qair investment portfolio currently includes more than 60 renewable energy production projects in Poland, including eight Wind Parks in: Udanin, Rzepin, Linowo, Września, Parzęczew, Rychwał, Olszówka and Wądroże Wielkie. All Wind Parks comprise 100 turbines with a total capacity of 222.5 MW.

The Company is currently developing:

  • final phase of a 30 MW wind project in Wisznice;
  • large-scale photovoltaic farm projects totalling 180 MW of capacity;
  • more than a dozen smaller solar power plants as part of the Stoszowice project and two wind farms in: Widuchowa and Stawiszyn.

Wądroże Wielkie is one of several Communes where the local community can find work not only during construction, but also throughout the operational phase. Our Company is opening here its 3rd operational centre in Poland, which will provide technical support for both the new project and the Udanin project located in the neighbouring commune. In total, the complex will have 27 wind turbines and will be the largest complex of Qair’s wind turbines in Poland. The total capacity will reach 68 MW, and we plan to build more turbines soon after the change to the 10H regulations, as we already have the capacity to connect more turbines to the grid.adds Krzysztof Wojtysiak.

The project in the Wądroże Wielkie Commune was completed in cooperation in partnership with SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A., as Main Contractor and Bilfinger Tebodin, as Contract Engineer. The supplier of the turbines and the provider of technical maintenance services is General Electric.

About Qair in Poland

Qair Polska has been operating on the Polish market since 2015. Qair Polska currently employs over 90 specialists, has a portfolio of wind and photovoltaic assets including: 308 MW of fully operational projects, 200 MW in the implementation phase and over 2.5 GW in the early phase of development. Qair Polska also participates in the process of obtaining location permits for offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea and offers the sale of power to large business entities under long-term cPPA agreements.

About Qair

Qair is an independent renewable energy company developing, financing, building, and operating solar, onshore and offshore wind, hydroelectric, tidal energy, energy from waste, renewable hydrogen production and storage projects.

With more than 1 GW of capacity in operation, the group’s 600 employees are developing a portfolio pipeline of 30 GW in 20 countries across Europe, Latin America and Africa. Our ambition is to become an independent leader in responsible energy.

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