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Qair Group Unites Globally for World Clean-Up Day 2023

Employees of Qair from across the world came together on World Clean-Up Day 2023 to combat environmental degradation and make a positive impact on the planet. Among the subsidiaries of the company, it was the Icelandic team that emerged victorious in the challenge to clean the pristine beach of Þórkötlustaða. This beach, known for hosting harbor seals and featuring a seaweed bed teeming with marine life, played host to a spirited competition among the various subsidiaries of Groupe Qair. Notably, each subsidiary also supported a chosen charity, with the winning team receiving a €5,000 prize to donate to their selected charity.

A Global Initiative

World Clean-Up Day, observed annually on the third Saturday in September, is a worldwide campaign that encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to come together for a common cause: cleaning up the planet. Qair took this opportunity to engage its employees across the globe in a unique and impactful way.

The Competition

Each subsidiary of the Groupe was tasked with selecting a charity and presenting a project that made a meaningful impact on the environment. The projects ranged from cleaning up beaches or city streets to raising awareness among young students. The creativity and dedication displayed by the teams were commendable, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility.

Cleaning Þórkötlustaða Beach

The Icelandic subsidiary of the Group embarked on the ambitious project of cleaning Þórkötlustaða Beach. Armed with enthusiasm and determination, they successfully removed 530kg of trash from the beach, and partnered with Blai Herinn, an environmental protection organization that focuses on the fight against ocean plastic pollution.

A Shared Purpose

Groupe Qair’s employees demonstrated that collective effort can effectively address environmental issues. The Icelandic team’s victory serves as a reminder that every contribution, no matter how small, contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable world for all.

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