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Illustration of Eolmed, Qair's floating offshore project

EolMed – France

Located in the Mediterranean Sea off Port-la-Nouvelle in southern France, EolMed is one of the country’s first offshore floating wind pilots. The project was selected following a call for tender by the French government and is part of its Investment for the Future programme.

EolMed consists of mounting three 10 MW wind turbines on floating steel platforms to produce nearly 110 million kWh per year, the equivalent annual electricity consumption of 50,000 inhabitants. Qair is involved in the development, financing and operation of the wind farm as part of a consortium, with commissioning set for mid-2025. The ambitious goal is to demonstrate the financial and technical viability of such projects and be a catalyst for the future of offshore wind.

Key data

30 MW




50000 inhabitants

Annual consumption equivalent

100 million kWh

Annual production

The origins of EolMed date back to 2015, when the French government sent out a call for projects for a floating wind turbine pilot. Qair was selected on the strength of its experience and vision, and a consortium is now in place with TotalEnergies as joint project owner and BW Ideol as supplier of the floating technology. In line with Qair’s philosophy, local partners are providing crucial on-the-ground support in engineering and construction.

Located 18 km from the coast, the wind turbines are positioned to minimize their visual impact while benefiting from optimal wind conditions and allowing them to be anchored to the seabed at a depth of 62m. The installations are designed to respect marine biodiversity and local fishing activities.

At Qair, we believe renewable energy should be a catalyst for the prosperity and development of local communities. EolMed is set to generate a wide range of economic advantages for the Occitania region, and Port-la-Nouvelle has already benefited from considerable extra investment from the French government as it positions itself as a renewable port for the future.

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Illustration of Eolmed, Qair's floating offshore project

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