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Illustration of Qair's renewable hydrogen production unit Hyd'Occ

Hyd’Occ, France

Hyd’Occ is an innovative project to produce cost-efficient renewable hydrogen on a massive scale in the southern French port of Port-la Nouvelle. In partnership with the region of Occitania, we are developing a high-powered unit to produce, store, transport and market hydrogen to meet local needs for heavy mobility, industry and power generation. Operations will begin in 2025 with the production of 3,000 tonnes/year of renewable hydrogen. By 2030, the unit will produce 6,000 tonnes/year for a total capacity of 50 MW.

Key data

20 MW

Capacity (1st phase)



3000 tonnes

Annual production of renewable hydrogen

Qair is proud to work with AREC Occitanie, the energy transition agency of Occitania, to bring the Hyd’Occ project to life. This initiative is part of the region’s ambitious energy transition plan and aims to support zero-carbon mobility for local boats, trucks and trains. When fully operational, Hyd’Occ will produce enough hydrogen daily to fuel a light vehicle for the equivalent of 100,000 km.

The site will use 50 MW capacity electrolyser (20 MW in phase 1) to produce hydrogen from water, and will be powered by an electric substation with over 90 MW of electricity sourced from local renewables. We already have plans to recover heat from the electrolysers to power municipal buildings and to recover oxygen from electrolysis to supply local manufacturers.

From the outset, our teams have worked closely with local stakeholders, enabling everyone from elected officials to industrial companies to join forces and lend their support to the project. Hyd’Occ is set to trigger a virtuous energy cycle, whereby local renewables are used to create hydrogen, heat and oxygen in order to promote the carbon-free development of Occitania.

Illustration of Qair's renewable hydrogen ecosystem in the southFrance

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