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Picture of Qair's Grundartangi project seen from south side of Hvalfjordur

Íslenska vetnisfélagið

Qair is partnering with Orkan in Iceland to develop a solution enabling hydrogen transportation across the entire country with zero carbon emissions. In 2023, we acquired a 50% share in Íslenska vetnisfélagið, a subsidiary of Orkan specializing in hydrogen refuelling stations. We are now planning to open new stations by 2025 to cover the main transportation hubs across Iceland. To supply the stations, our team is developing a 5 MW hydrogen electrolyser powered by our own wind farms and a baseload from the national grid (99.9% renewable).

Qair Íslenska vetnisfélagið renewable hydrogen stations in Iceland

By 2026, Íslenska vetnisfélagið is set to develop an integrated production and distribution system for green hydrogen along the entire Ring Road of Iceland. Two existing hydrogen refuelling stations in Reykjavík will be supplemented by four new stations: one in Reykjavik and three others in the strategically-positioned locations of Akureyri, Egilsstaðir and Freysnes. The longest distance between stations will be approximately 380 km, making it possible to drive around Iceland while emitting only water vapour and no harmful emissions.

To supply hydrogen fuel to the stations, we are developing a pilot 5 MW electrolyser at a facility in the industrial port of Grundartangi just north of Reykjavik. Within the next few years, this site will house our large-scale hydrogen production plant to meet the expected increase in hydrogen demand across Iceland.

Qair's Baer and Íslenska vetnisfélagið renewable hydrogen stations in Iceland

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