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La Plaine des Roches – Mauritius

Commissioned in early 2016, La Plaine des Roches was the first ever wind farm on Mauritius – a flagship project in the country’s transition to sustainable energy. This 9.4 MW wind turbine installation was developed by Qair in partnership with the Sugar Investment Trust. It produces 15 GWh annually, supplying around 15,000 people with electricity.

Key data

9.4 MW




15000 people

Annual consumption equivalent

When it first began operating in 2016, La Plaine des Roches represented a turning point in the Mauritian energy strategy. Up until then, the vast majority of energy was generated from the island’s diesel, coal and bagasse thermal power plants.

Qair brought its experience of island regions to Mauritius, establishing wind as a natural complement to solar power, and thereby helping to stabilize the grid, reduce reliance on fossil fuel and minimize storage needs.

To address potential severe weather conditions on the island, the installation is equipped with an anti-cyclone protection system, ensuring resilience and continued reliability during the cyclone season.

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