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Picture of Qair's Linowo wind farm in Poland

Linowo, Poland

Acquired in 2019, the Linowo and Rzepin wind parks were Qair’s first projects in Poland, opening the way for the company to become a key player in the country’s energy transition. Together, the farms have a capacity of 106 MW, producing around 260 GWh annually – the equivalent energy consumption of 130,000 households. Every year, Linowo and Rzepin contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 210,000 tonnes.

Key data

48 MW


2012 Commissioning

260 GWh

Annual production

130000 households

Annual consumption equivalent

24 wind turbines

Linowo was commissioned in 2015 and has a capacity of 48 MW. Its 24 wind turbines are installed in heart of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region towards the north of the country.

Energy from Linowo and Rzepin sites is distributed to commercial customers under short- and long-term contracts.
The wind parks laid down the foundations for the growth of both Qair and renewable energy in Poland. Each site has its own service centre, staffed by Qair’s maintenance technicians. Since Rzepin and Linowo became part of Qair’s portfolio, the company has increased its local presence and today has a team of over 100 people in Poland.

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