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Nestlé El Jadida - Morocco's First Private Solar Station

Installed in 2021, Qair designed this first private solar station in Morocco for Nestlé’s El Jadida factory. The project represents a significant milestone in Morocco’s renewable energy goals and aligns with Nestlé’s global commitment to sustainability. 

Key data

1 MW


2600 Photovoltaic panels

Spanning 7,000 square meters and equipped with approximately 2,600 photovoltaic panels, the station is expected to generate 1.7 GWh of clean electricity annually. Furthermore, the project is estimated to eliminate over one thousand ton of CO2 emissions per year, significantly reducing Nestlé’s El Jadida factory’s dependence on traditional energy sources and contributing positively to Morocco’s fight against climate change.

Ministerial Recognition for a Shared Vision

“The Nestle solar station in El Jadida is intended to be a contribution to Morocco’s national energy strategy that aims to produce more than 52% of the country’s electricity from renewable resources by 2030,” said Aziz Rabbah, Morocco’s Minister of Energy, at the inauguration ceremony. “This project encourages the integration of new energies at all consumption levels and highlights the importance of collective efforts for a healthier and more livable environment.”

As the owner of the photovoltaic plant, Qair will oversee the operation and maintenance of the facility, ensuring the provision of green electricity throughout the duration of the contract.

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