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Queen Victoria & Anahita – Mauritius

Commissioned at the end of 2018, Queen Victoria and Anahita are solar parks of 15 and 10.3 MW respectively that have helped Mauritius to accelerate its energy transition. Together, the two installations generate 38 GWh per year, equivalent to the energy needs of 40,000 people. Qair partnered with local energy company Alteo Group to develop the installations.

Key data

25.3 MW


38 GWh

Annual production

40000 people

Annual consumption equivalent



Queen Victoria and Anahita are prime examples of Qair’s ambition to contribute to large-scale projects that capitalize on natural resources. In Mauritius, conditions are ideal for solar energy thanks to high levels of sunshine, considerable land availability and reliable connectivity to the electricity grid.

Energy generated at the farms is sold to the country’s Central Electricity Board (CEB), providing consumers with a stable and competitively-priced source of electricity. Qair’s teams have equipped the farms with production forecasting systems so that CEB can anticipate electricity supply and plan ahead to better manage its load balancing.

Together, Queen Victoria and Anahita have helped pave the way for the decarbonization of Mauritian energy, laying down the foundations for the country to achieve its objective of 60% renewable energy by 2030.

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