As part of the fight against Covid in Chad and Burkina Faso, Qair enters into partnership with health organizations of both countries

In Chad, where Qair has been developing solar energy projects since 2016, the company has approached the Renaissance Hospital, via its subsidiary Quadran Tchad, in order to donate 10,000 surgical masks to this state health structure.

The company, established in Burkina Faso since 2017, has also approached the Centre des Opérations de Réponse aux Urgences Sanitaires (CORUS) of the Ministry of Health, via its subsidiary Quadran Faso, in order to make the same donation.

It is in a spirit of partnership and complement to the strong action carried out by these two organizations that Qair wished to help. Convinced that these masks will benefit both nursing staff and patients, the company is aware that this gesture does not cover all needs, and it is with humility that it has decided to make its own contribution.