© Energy Observer Productions I Victorien Erussard
2023.03.29© Energy Observer Productions I Victorien Erussard

Energy Observer x Qair: 76th stopover in Mahe, Seychelles

Qair Group’s partner Energy Observer, the world first autonomous vessel powered by a mix of renewable energies and hydrogen, has arrived in Mahe for its 76th stopover.


After a year in Asia, Energy Observer is currently crossing the Indian Ocean, a geographical area particularly sensitive to globalwarming and energy issues. The technical stopover in Seychelles allows the engineers to work on optimizing the cooling circuits for technologies that have severely been solicited in recent months due to the high temperatures.



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It is also a great opportunity for the Energy Observer team to meet with the local actors of the energytransition and highlight the solutions and energy alternatives enhancing sustainable development in Africa.

Driven by an educational mission, Energy Observer also welcomed on board many schools of Mahé, in partnership with the Alliance Française des Seychelles and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance as well as local NGOs.

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To learn more about the stopover in Seychelles visit Energy Observer‘s website.