Quadran International closes the financing of a 205 MW Wind Farm in Brazil with BNB bank

In August 2019 Quadran Brasil, the subsidiary of Quadran International in Brazil, has closed the financing of a 205 MW wind projet with Brazilian bank Banco do Nordeste (BNB). The financing amounts to R $ 700 million and will fund the construction of 8 wind projects, made of 49 wind turbines.

This project is located in Ceará state, Brazil and is the first phase of implementation of the “Serrote Wind-Solar Complex” which is being fully developped by Quadran Brasil and will have a total solar/wind capacity of 426 MW by 2022.

The Vestas V150 model of wind turbine brings the most modern wind turbines in the market, and should be manufactured in the new industrial unit of Vestas, located in the city of Aquiraz, also in Ceará state.

In addition to the Serrote Complex, Quadran Brasil is developing a 160MW wind project in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.