Quadran International’s floating solar project in Tunisia wins the French public funding "FASEP”, dedicated to studies and assistance to the private sector

The call for projects “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Cities in Africa” was launched by the French Ministry for Trade and Finance. Quadran International’s innovative project, supported by local governments, could be commissioned by the end of 2020.

It consists in the realization of a floating photovoltaic solar power station on the lake of Tunis. This 200 kWp power station will supply part of the needs of the Berges du Lac district in Tunis.

In order to do this, Quadran International will train its teams to use this French technologies by forging partnerships with service providers in France. The floating nature of the solar generator will also be an opportunity to test this new solution for a larger scale deployment in Tunisia and Africa.

This project will be done with the support of the Ministry of Industry, and in partnership with STEG, the Tunisian public company of electricity and gas. In addition to this pilot project, Quadran International will present a study investigating the Tunisian potential in the solar photovoltaic floating sector.