The Lucia Holding Group Changes Name to Become Qair

Lucia Holding, Quadran International, Quadran Energies Marines, Quadran Environment, Premier Élément, Lucia Innovation and all entities of the Lucia Holding group united under a unique banner: Qair


Paris, March 10th, 2020

The Lucia Holding group, independent producer of renewable electricity, today announced its new name and new visual identity in order to regroup all entities under a single brand: Qair.


Qair, a new name to cover three objectives

This change of identity has a triple objective, it clearly states:

  • the course held by the group and its founder for more than 30 years,
  • the group’s original contribution, in favour of sustainable energy production for a preserved planet,
  • the diversity of activities within the same group, which is a recognised player.

The new name, Qair, recalls the group’s roots (QA), projects it internationally (I), and affirms its commitment to renewable energy (R). It reflects the current reality of the group, born in France (Occitania region) and developing its know-how in 12 countries.


A sober and refined logo reflecting maturity and a reminder of the blue planet

The Qair logo is deliberately refined: its natural, luminous blue colour is intended to be a reminder of the Earth and an expression of the group’s will to actively contribute to maintaining it that way. The sobriety of the logo expresses Qair’s maturity, its culture of simplicity and efficiency and its 30 years of expertise.


Qair, a new brand in line with the Group’s strategy

Qair develops “tailor-made” renewable energy projects using proven technologies in a rational and concerted manner. The Qair group innovates in future perspectives such as hydrogen, storage, floating power plants, or ground-based solar energy to support agriculture and territories.

The new identity expresses Qair’s strategy, which since its inception has been based on three major pillars: Fair (relations with stakeholders), Care (willingness to take care of the living), Share (transmission of know-how and sharing of skills).

Jean-Marc Bouchet, President of Qair, stated: “More than ever today, it is our duty to commit ourselves to the quality of life on Earth. Through our technological innovations and our know-how as a producer of energy from renewable sources, Qair’s 190 employees and I have been helping to accelerate the global energy transition at a territorial level for more than 30 years. Today, we express this with this new name and the values it asserts. More than a choice, these values are a duty towards future generations with regards to the social and ecological imperatives which, at our level, await us”.


Key figures 2019 (consolidated):


  • 1 GW of renewable projects developed, financed, built and operated
  • 2019 turnover: 67 million euros
  • 190 employees in 12 countries (France, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Indian Ocean, Asia).


About Qair

As a leader in the independent production of energy from renewable sources, Qair has been promoting energy production methods based on local natural assets (sun, wind, water, biomass) as well as short (production/consumption) and decentralised circuits (production/consumption) for over 30 years. The Qair group is independent and is owned by the family of Jean-Marc Bouchet, President and founder. The group has more than 190 employees in 12 countries. Its activities range from identifying sites to carrying out technical studies and obtaining authorizations, from financing to construction and operation & maintenance of infrastructures.


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